Time Marches On



Ascending into the mountains, consumed deep in the belly of clouds. Disorientated. nothing to see but grey. Solid yet empty. sound sapped away to near silence. Floating specks of cold moisture refreshing the skin in a swirling breeze. Giants loom around. Dark shapes forming through the mist. Seeking the invisible, feeling the intangible. Surrounding energy, a force of regeneration. Renewal of spirit. Poeticised, painted. Musings of scholars from centuries past, striving a return to nature’s core. 

Inspiring generations of writers, poets and artists, Huangshan holds an imperious position in Chinese culture, legend and religion. Millions each year ascend into the mountains to marvel the towering granitic peaks embedded with ancient, twisting pine trees while all encased in a swirling mass of clouds. Huangshan’s beauty is arresting. It is otherworldly, ethereal, and alive. It breathes and pulses. It is imperious and elevating. Outside of its embrace, time and life march on, but within, there is a stillness, a timelessness. The senses are overpowered and all other thoughts pushed away. Nature, at its essence has the ability to remove us from the confines imposed by our society and ourselves, offering us enlightenment and rejuvenation. There is more than just its actual physicality and form. It is the invisible, the intangible, the world that is to be sensed that makes it so affecting. Huangshan embodies this force enabling us to experience the core essence of nature.

Perhaps we are so moved by nature because it is has no consciousness and yet it manages to create, from so many individual pieces, a whole with such harmony and beauty. From dewdrops balancing on a spider’s web to a mountain encased in swirling clouds, nature has had no judgement on its design. This lack of consciousness separates it from the constructs of humankind. Through connecting with the natural world, we ourselves are able, in some degree be removed cerebrally from our human bound lives.  

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